Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter Comes Early

Life and nature caught me flat footed. Winter has come to Afghanistan.

TankerBabe prepared the following suggestions, and I've added a few comments.

Blackwater Gear Balaclava Carhart
Price: $5.88 Style #A161 Face Mask Regular Sizes
Price $15.00

All caps, head protectors must fit under their head gear.

Our best seller, also known as the stadium blanket. Size 50" x 60" with matching whipstitch edges will cover from head to toe. Ideal for corporate gifts and promotions. Always perfect for fundraisers, schools, and hospitals.
In-stock colors: ivory, royal, gold, orange, red, purple, silver gray, charcoal, black, hunter, burgundy and navy.
NEW by the case pricing!!!
24 Throw Blankets per case
1 to 9 cases
$5.99 per blanket 10 to 19 cases
$5.50 per blanket 20 or more cases
$4.99 per blanket
• Broken Case Pricing: Add $2 per blanket. 12 blanket minimum.

I and several other supporters have purchased fleece blankets at WalMart for less than $4.00.
They are already rolled up.
A note to be careful, as this year they have a very fluffy one, but it catches too much dirt, etc.
The ones we purchased are perfect to roll up and carry on patrols. They are the same size as the ones on line, and have a flat seam, too.

Please, please no fringe.

# A211
Men’s Heavyweight Wool Boot Sock
Black, Gray, Moss
$ 16.00

Last year I purchased "FoxRiver trekking Wick & Dry heavy weight socks" and "FoxRiver liners wick&Dry ultra light weight liners" at ACADEMY.
Almost every store manager gave me a %15 discount and one made a special order.
I sent hundreds, but Tankerbabe arranged for thousands of the carhart socks to be sent.
All were greatly appreciated.

Little Hotties Hand Warmers Adhesive Toe Warmers
Box of 40 Pairs $ 29.99 Box of 30 Pairs $39.99

Hand/foot warmers can also be purchased at WalMart, and outdoor/sporting stores. But these online are a very good price.

Hanes can be purchased at many places, be sure to send greys or dark colors.

Hanes Long-Sleeve Thermal
Henley underwear

Flat No Rub Seams’
Tops Style HWM03 $9.00

Pants Style HWM04 $9.00

Colors: Charcoal Heather
Grey Heather

An easy layer of warmth as the mercury begins to drop.
• Flat No Rub Seams for added comfort.
• Minimal shrinkage for a lasting fit
• Smooth elastic waistband
• Traditional fly front
• 28 ¾” inseam
• 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

An update: Snacks and food seem to have been sent in abundant quantities. And all greatly appreciated.

BUT, there is a great need for personal hygiene products.

REMEMBER, this winter, resupply is not always going to be possible, so we need to get a back up supply for personal hygiene supplies. They are being fed, even if it is MRE's, but there is no PX, and not resupply of Personal hygiene products.

Baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes. (Cold showers, take on a whole new meaning during the winters in AFGHANISTAN)
Men's body wash (Suave has a great one), good razors and replacement blades galore, shaving cream, foot powder and more foot powder.

I hope these suggestions help you and your troopers.

Haole, out.

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Chaotic Mom said...

THANK YOU for posting this information. Almost like a "Christmas Wish List"! ;)