Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chaplain (aka Julia Child, reincarnated) reports on the September Birthday prep:

Nope that ain't no shadow on his upper lip. Does anyone have a hair net for that upper lip?

"Operation Bday Cake went off very well. We used 4 boxes of Pillsbury Plus (chocolate types) in each sheet cake. I made a Hersey frosting that used nearly an entire can of choco (not to worry-we have plenty) I think I will make a HUGE batch off Homemade Hot Chocó for the guys one of these days, all it takes is lots of milk a bit of sugar along with the choco sometimes we add a pinch of cinnamon and to spice things up, the Italians often like to add some cyan pepper. I made the boarder this time, not bad for a first try!
SFC Collins discovered that the COPs cannot bake after all, SPC Judice tried, but it flopped. So “Operation CupCake” is now back on line for all outlying areas."


Anonymous said...

I hope my son had some cake, but he is at COP Keating.

Hutto Haole Wahine said...

Chaplain Cooper has made it out to every COB, COP, and firebase. But these cakes are not exactly helicopter friendly. LTC Markert's goal is to get cup cakes to every trooper. I've heard "somebody" stows pieces of cake, and trys to get it to birthday troopers, but is not always successful. The enemy gets a vote.

I am thankful for leaders like these two men, who really care for their troopers. It's more than cake, it's true love for the total well being of their troopers.

You, your son, and your whole family have my gratitude and prayers.

Email me privately, if we can help in any way, or if you just want to share.