Monday, October 27, 2008

Hoping for Chocolate Cakes THIS MONTH

UpDate: The October birthday cakes were made, and enjoyed. Pictures promised.

Chaplain Ron says the renovations to the DFAC at Bostick are moving ahead, and asks that we all hope they are finished in time for him to fire up the new mixer (thanks Mary Ellen) for the chocolate cakes for the Oct birthdays.

He's bumping it up to 3 cakes this month, because of pop demand (They love his chocolate cake). I'm with them, especially the chocolate icing.

Okay, enough chocolate talk. It's cool enough we can now send some M&M's, and some other tastes of chocolate.

Speaking of which, I'm off to get a handful of M&M's. I can only take so much chocolate talk, without indulging. Imagine how much they would appreciate some good chocolate.

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tankerbabe said...

Chocolate and birthday cakes are certainly wonderful given the conditions where they are. But they NEED winter gear and fast. I hope anyone reading this blog and comments will drop an email and help out on getting that winter gear ASAP. We've gotten a little behind the 8 ball on that.

BE SAFE Soldiers. We respect and appreciate you more than we can tell you or show you.