Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raider Family . . . Prepared and Loyal

I had emailed Cpt Bessey, something to the effect that their far flung troop must sometimes feel like they're re-living the computer program "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego". I also sent him a Don't Mess with Texas Stickers.

Bessey replied:

"I promise never again to "Mess with Texas" in anyway, shape or form. Speaking of messing with people from that state, 1SG Mancuso is typically on my left hip, barking at me to do this and that. Carmen SanDiego, as I remember, was much saucier than him but lacked his undeniable ability to make stuff happen while caring for hisSoldiers."

From Simone Mancuso's latest caringbridge update, it is apparent the whole Mancuso family have that undeniable ability to "make stuff happen".

Thursday was Patrick's 6 month mark, which is exciting and we celebrated a little.
He's doing well, has a couple issues with his skin, but that is probably from being outside.
I am in contact with Methodist weekly through e-mail or phone and he saw a Doctor from San Antonio this week on Ft Hood and had labs done again. Since he is going to school now they try to keep the trips to a minimum so he doesn't miss to much school and his Doctor lets us see the Oncologist from Wilford Hall at their monthly visit to Fort Hood.
We have to go back to San Antonio on the 7th of October.

I can't say we are back to normal and I know that will still be a while. There is always fear in the back of our minds, but it feels like we are moving in this direction.

We went to Austin today, Patrick has been invited to become a Student Ambassador and go to China next summer.
Nervous about this, but we do not know what the future holds and want him to live, laugh and love.
He had his interview today and absolutly wants to go, so now he's just waiting to find out if he's been accepted, which we probably find out in the next couple of days.
He got the invitation about 2 months back and we went to the informational meeting a couple weeks ago. Since he has to raise part of the money, we will see how bad he wants to go.

On our way back we stopped in Georgetown and my Truck Battery died, nothing.......... What a day, I actually had to call some friends, since we could not jump start it. Anyway, they brought an extra Battery, lucky for us or we still be there.Thanks Brian and Wendy!!! I came home and went straight to Wal-mart to get a new one. I miss my hubby, but on days like this I really miss him.

I know I said it before, but Killeen High School has a Blood and Marrow Drive on Monday and Tuesday, if you can please make some time and go. Patrick is on the Student Counsil now and he will be around on Tuesday.
It is really important to him, so maybe some of you can make it. Thanks!!!
Simone Mancuso

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Chaotic Mom said...

REMEMBER: YOU CAN STILL REGISTER FOR AND DONATE BONE MARROW, EVEN IF YOU CAN'T GIVE BLOOD. This is true. So "I can't donate because I've travelled overseas, etc." doesn't work for an excuse. Get out and register. YOU could save someone's life, like Patrick here.