Thursday, September 18, 2008

Operation CupCake Flies Again

Is it that time, again?

The Operation CupCake "cooks and delivery" troopers are still at it.

For those new to G&P, the 6-4 CAV kicked off operation cupcake, to deliver home made, okay, "FOB Bostick made" cupcakes to birthday troopers out on the COPs, OPs, and firebases.

Thanks to requests from their officers; cup cake condoms, cake mixes, and a hand mixer (yes, they are all mixed with a hand held mixer), cup cake pans, and a lot of love ---- were soon on their way from TankerBabe. The cooks work their magic, and these troopers are treated to a bite of "Happy Birthday" ! ! ! ! Yep, no matter how far out in the boonies their mission takes them.

We Luv You Guys ! ! ! !

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tankerbabe said...

Seeing these photos sure makes it ALL worth it. Didn't make the flight to Italy tonight. Bummer. Will hope for tomorrow.