Thursday, August 28, 2008

Operation Cup Cake and Bread Baking Troopers

"Some of the more than 200 cup cakes the cooks from Dakota Troop, 6-4 Cav prepared and shipped to the forward OPs this week. The cup cakes were shipped forward to celebrate all of the August birthdays, and to give everyone a fresh piece of home baked cake to enjoy the celebration with. Cooking that many cupcakes was not easy, but getting them onto the helicopters was even harder, don’t worry though the Raiders are all about Birthday cake for everyone, even if we have to fly it in. Next month we will try to ship them to C Troop in Goshta!" LTC James Markert

Operation Cupcake
Happy Birthday Troopers !

Chaplain Ron Cooper and LTC Markert worked with the cooks of Dakota Troop to have birthday cakes for the July birthdays at FOB Bostick.

But, they wanted to spread the good times for all of 6-4 CAV. Tanker Babe rushed the necessities for Operation Cupcake to LTC Markert, and the race was on.

What a success ! ! !

How great for the troopers out in the field to have a sweet reminder of their birthdays, prepared and delivered especially for them.

I'm sure they are enjoyed by all the warriors (I'm assuming that the 6-4 birthday troopers shared. LOL), and remind the troopers that they are not forgotten.

Thanks Tanker Babe,

and all the warriors who prepared the treats in theatre.

We're hoping for pictures of the new Major (Chaplain) Cooper in his camo apron, as he helps with the preparation of birthday cakes.

FOB Lowell will soon have fresh bread.

Alpha Troop, 1SG Baker, has received a bread machine, bread mixes, small bottle of oil, and various measuring utensils.

Between bouts "taking care of the bad guys", they are reading the bread machine instructions, and I'm sure trying to figure out all the measuring utensils. Pictures are promised.

Some of the mixes were cinnamon raisin, so there should be sweet smells around FOB Lowell, soon.

Next good news from ADAMS and OLD BAY Seasonings.

2 days 7 hours till first UT football game.
Hook 'em Horns !

Gratitude and Prayers,

Haole, out.

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tankerbabelc said...

Isn't it amazing how our Soldiers adapt? And isn't it amazing how a little slice of home makes such a difference? It's just such an honor to be a part of this great grass roots support team!

Glad you shared these stories HW. Keep 'em coming!