Saturday, February 28, 2009

Job well done, 6-4 CAV supporters

I've got some other posts I owe you guys, but Chap Ron sent this today.

I received an email from the 6-4 CAV chaplain, this morning. He had removed his name from anysoldier a while back.

"We have reached saturation point on care packages, the troops do not want to take any more from us! If you could make a note that the generosity of America was greatly appreciated by
The Raiders!"

He's asking that there not be any more care packages sent to the chaplain's office for 6-4 CAV. That's Maj. Ron Cooper, 6-4 CAV. Does not affect most anysoldier supporters, since we send directly to specific contacts within the units, but at one time Maj Cooper had been set up as a main contact for all of 6-4 CAV, too. They are very very grateful, and do not doubt, now that Americans support them. Good job, everyone. Yes Again, this only affects those packages sent through the Chaplain's office at Maj. Ron Cooper, TF 6-4 CAV.

Speaking as one of many who have been involved with people in "the forgotten" war OEF in Afghanistan for years, the response of Americans this year has been very emotional, and appreciated. Thanks to all, from me, too. Right Hug 6-4 CAV does not doubt that they have our gratitude and prayers

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