Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can't get enough of these

Right now, as the troops are settling in, they need flat (not white) bed sheets, and solid colored shower curtains.

They also need all the single serve drink mixes, you can pack into an FRB. Please limit the amount of lemonade you send. For some reason, lemonade is sent the most. Your trooper may request some brands, but if possible send the propel or gatorade (powdered) mixes. These and any of the enriched mixes will help. The altitude these guys will be working in saps their strength, so all the healthy things we can get to them the better. I take the snack size plastic bags, and fill it with an assortment of the individual packages. This way, each trooper will get an assortment, instead of being left with all the lemonade boxes. : )

If you can, the enriched power gels are good. Google gel protein, and you will find some sources. But they are expensive, so warn your trooper to use sparingly. But with the altitude, they exhaust easily, and forget to eat. Hence, the healthy protein bars, and the protein gels.

Baby wipes, Baby wipes, Baby wipes, Baby wipes, Baby wipes, Baby wipes, unscented. I break the larger packages down to single packages. I get the quart bags with the zipper (easier for big hands to use). I put a stack of 3/4 inch to 1 inch in each bag, fold the top over (to remove as much air as possible), and zip them up. This way, the trooper can grab one or two paks to take with him when he is "out and about". Your trooper may advise different. They will become the experts on what works and what does not work for them.

Don't forget ! ! ! If your trooper is "out and about", good quality jerky. Your trooper may have a preference for a local brand. If not, Whittington's jerky in Johnson City, Texas, makes a great jerky, and will send it directly. If you like, I get a wholesale price, and I go down to their store regularly. This way, you will not to have to give your trooper's address out. Remember, do not spread that address widely. Guard your trooper's security, and the spam mail from blogging the mail pipeline. JUNK MAIL thrives on web sites. ALWAYS remember OPSEC regulations, too. More on both of those later.

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